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    Changing Menu (toolbar) and Zoom (Outlook 2000)

    Every time I click on "New" to write a new message, the menu bar changes. The control box menu always shows up and the view becomes 25% instead of 100%. The same happens when I open new mails. Any help ?

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    Re: Changing Menu (toolbar) and Zoom (Outlook 2000)

    The menus and toolbars are different between the "main window" display and the "individual item" display. That's normal. Regarding size, Outlook tends to remember the last size used. If you stretch the window to an appropriate size and save or send the message, the next new message should be the same size. (If you cancel or delete the message, I'm not sure Outlook saves the size information.) Does that work?

    Note that when other application generate messages using the MAPI interface, the windows are always inconveniently small; makes me think the interface hasn't been updated for displays larger than 640x480. Anyway, I don't think there's any solution for that other than manual resizing.

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