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    Office 2003 is SLOW (2003)

    We have some users who have upgraded to Office 2003 in our office. We are finding that Office loads very slowly compared to what we are used to: Office 97 and Office XP. I have two computers, side-by-side, one with Office 97 and one with Office 2003. I have tested opening Word or Excel from both PCs at the same time, and the Office 2003 is much slower.. sometimes taking 20 seconds to load. And, it often has a message about loading the installation while it is loading.

    Any ideas? Is this an issue we will have to live with? We're planning to upgrade the whole company (500+ pcs) in March, and right now I am not inclined to upgrade with this slowness issue.

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    Re: Office 2003 is SLOW (2003)

    - How much RAM memory do the PC's have? Office 2003 programs are likely to use much more memory than their Office 97 counterparts.
    - How fast are the processors?
    - If you use Norton Anti Virus (NAV), is the NAV Office Plugin enabled? If so, you should disable it; this will hav eno harmful effect on security.

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    Re: Office 2003 is SLOW (2003)

    As you may recall, Office tries to increase the perceived speed of application startup by including a portion of itself in the Windows startup process. For Office XP, the pre-loaded component is:

    "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice10OSA.EXE" -b -l

    and the shortcut to run it is in:

    Cocuments and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsStartup

    Can you check whether you have Office 97 and 2003 configured "equally" in this regard?

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