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    Installing 2003 (2002 going to 2003)

    I'm about to break down and buy the academic version of Office 2003. I'd be installing it over 2002 on a newish machine running WinXP. Should I uninstall 2002 first? Can they exist together on the same machine?
    What tripwires await me in this "upgrade"? If that's a long list (I'm hoping not...) could someone point me to a site that might hit the gory details?

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    Re: Installing 2003 (2002 going to 2003)

    There is no need to uninstall 2002 first. When you install 2003 it gives you the option of uninstalling 2002 or having both versions running. There is one exception, it will uninstall Outlook 2002 as only one version of Outlook is allowed.

    As for tripwires, the installation goes smoothly for most users.
    Once you install Office 2003 I recommend updating it to include this patch

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