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    Pivot Table from External data source (Office 2002)

    When I create a pivot table on a specific file (txt file) through a vb program, it invariably gave me 'Data type mismatch' and stopped . When I do the same through Excel it works sometimes it does not work sometimes.

    I have created log of pivot tables through program . But this is something very strange. I wish to know following things
    1.Has any body encountered this error before.
    2. Is there limit on number of fields in the data source like text file.
    3. We create schema.ini through program . Anything we should note. Can we reduce field typ char width from 255 to 50.
    4. What is the difference between MS Text driver and MS text driver (Treiber)

    Please help us . If required i can give the code which creates this problem.

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    Re: Pivot Table from External data source (Office 2002)

    You say it sometimes works using Excel and sometimes not. Any information on both situations?

    Could you perhaps upload a zipped sample file that needs to be imported (maybe just 10 lines of data?)
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