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    Cursor disappears

    Using Word 97 SR2 on Windows 2000 SP1 we've got a problem with the mouse cursor disappearing.

    When you change the view to the Page Layout and then move the cursor over the grey area on the right hand side of the page, the cursor will disappear. This does not occur on the left hand side grey area only on the right.

    Using Word 2000 this problem does not come up.

    Does anyone have a solution that will help get rid of this. Using laptops on the road trying to wiggle the trackpoint to find a cursor sometimes doesn't give you much.

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    Re: Cursor disappears

    Hi emckeeg,

    Not really... This was one of the small nuisances that they corrected in Word 2000.

    The only workaround is to change the color of the MDI client window to something other than gray.

    Now here is the catch, this item is not directly available on the Appearance tab in the Display Properties. What you have to do is to apply a Scheme that changes the background.

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