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    Backing-Up Data to CD (XP Pro & Win 2000 Professional )

    When I copy a Data files, file/document which is NOT"Read-Only" to a CD-R or RW when I try to edit the saved file and re-save it on the disk it says..."sorry files are "Read-Only" you can't change this document"....I check the properties and sure enough the little box is ticked "Read-Only" ...remembering it wasn't "Read-Only" in its original form. I tried to change the properties i.e. undo the tick but no..... it wont let me do that. I have Windows 2000 on my desktop and XP Pro on my laptop and both act in the same way. Also when I try to drag & Drop it say Nah ! !! ....sorry ....."Disk is Read only and you can't do that" I must use the CD Writing Program on both my systems to write a Data CD.

    What am I doing wrong ?

    Larry Bowe

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    Re: Backing-Up Data to CD (XP Pro & Win 2000 Professional )

    You shouldn't try to edit and then save a file on a CD, that is not what this medium is meant for.

    There are applications that let you create a CD that simulates the behavior of a huge floppy disk - you can drag and drop files to it in Windows Explorer; an example is Roxio DirectCD. But you must have installed the appropriate software for this to work.

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    Re: Backing-Up Data to CD (XP Pro & Win 2000 Professional )

    Word needs to create numerous temp files when you are working with a document. Writing and erasing these files from a CD, even if it's easy to do so, is not good for the long term reliability of the media (in the case of CD-RW) or will waste space (in the case of CD-R). Better to work from the hard drive, and then write it back to CD when you're ready to archive it. With smaller capacity media, this is even more important because if Word runs out of space for its various work files, you can lose your document completely.

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