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    Security Problem (Access 2k)

    Dear All

    I finally decided to give the security built into Access a try, nope, it's not gone kerfluey and locked me out, it is, however, doing 'odd' things.

    As advised in every book with security in it I took all he admin's and user's rights away, I set up groups with the priviledges I wanted them to have, I put the .mdw file onto the server so all users can open the databae with it via a short cut... So what's the problem?? I add users to the groups and they do not get the priviledges assigned to the group (despite logging on via the shortcut), when I set a user's priviledges independantly they 'dispear' when I log off and log back on, the only user with stable priviledges is me......

    What am I doing wrong???

    Oh, Merry Christmas and a happy new year all.


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    Re: Security Problem (Access 2k)

    Chances are, you have't set the server .mdw file as the default for users - either you need to use the workgroup administrator to make the server version the default one, or you need to add the workgroup switch to you shortcut. If you do the latter, you will need to specify the full path to the Access executable file at the beginning. See the "command line" topic in Help for the syntax.

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