Since I mentioned <!post=in this post,321342>in this post<!/post> that Acronis had released a Version 7 of TrueImage a couple of things have happened. After running another backup to a hard drive on my LAN connected backup machine which took almost four hours (slightly more than 11 gig). I wrote to their support. The reply I got offered no "suggestions" or known problems and only recommended I contact my network hardware manufacturer. I don't think it would help to ask Linksys for help with a LAN that seems to be working, but I did accidently discover one thing about my setup. This computer is in a downstairs location in my home, connected to a Linksys hub so I can pop in a laptop when necessary. The hub is connected to the Linksys 4-port router's UPLINK port in an upstairs room. I happened to notice that the FULL DUPLEX light on that circuit was not lit and I wondered why. The Intel NICS I'm using are full duplex and the light IS lit on the circuit to the backup machine. In an experiment, I took the downstairs hub out of service and connect directly to a non-uplink port on the router instead. Lo and behold, the full duplex light is now ON. I have no idea why since I don't know about the technical innards of such things.

I do know however, that it didn't help much on my next backup which still took about three and a half hours for about the same amount of data. Given the blazing speed of TrueImage to a LOCAL hard drive, I don't think there's anything wrong with the software. I guess I'll just have to put up with it. I do plan to do some exploring to see if I can possibly just eliminate the backup (LAN) machine with one or more external USB hard drives on this PC. I guess maybe I should've posted this in hardware, but since the gist of it is about TrueImage, here I am.