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    Help With Quick View

    [img]/w3timages/icons/thinks.gif[/img] Does anyone know why a basic part of Windows wouldn't work?

    My new office machine is a Compaq P3/733 running Windows 95. My old one was a Dell P1/133. Ever since I got the new one, when I right-click a regular Word *.doc file in My Docs and then select QuickView, I get a BLANK QuickView window. It's not a matter of file extension association. QuickView itself runs fine. But the window is just ... blank, empty, zip, nada, a "white sheet of paper." And yep, with the old computer, QuickView worked perfectly.

    To further muddle the picture, we use DocsOpen for network document control. When I right-click for QV from within the DocsOpen network, I get my preview. But the minute I go out to the hard drive, I get that blank QV window.

    I've discovered that the same problem also exists with some users with some of the new computers. Most others work just fine.

    Our IT dept is stumped. We'd all appreciate help. Thanks.

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    Re: Help With Quick View

    I'm sure the file C:WINDOWSSYSTEMVIEWERSQUIKVIEW.EXE has some settings or attributes somewhere.. (i'm currently running win98, and can't check..) if not, perhaps the file itself is corrupt, you may try deleting it.

    Are all systems running the same version of windows 95? perhaps Service Pack 1 resolved this issue? Microsofts Resources for Windows 95 are here.

    You can also download quickview by clicking here.

    You may also want to check the registry for quickview to ensure that it is enabled, for instructions, click here. The specfic area is third entry from the bottom, entitled "Quickview Anything."

    Hope this helps!

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