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    Update without Internet (Win 95)

    I have a machine running Windows 95 on which I want to install Ghost. Right now, Ghost will not install because it complains that the version of IE is too old. (I don't understand why it needs IE.) Anyway, I never use IE so this machine has a fairly old version. Additionally, this machine is not connected to the Internet. Is there some way to download the files on another machine and copy them to the Win95 machine for installation?

    Ronny Richardson

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    Re: Update without Internet (Win 95)

    Ghost needs IE because it utilizes some of its components when it is running from within Windows.

    You can download Internet Explorer, any version, from I would think that IE 5.0 would be a high enough version to enable Ghost. At one point many programs noted loudly in their documentation that they required IE 4 or greater, because there were several significant architectural changes made to the browser (which, coicidentally, further integrated it into Windows).

    You can burn the installation files onto a CD, or if you can connect the Win95 PC to a network temporarily, you can copy them over the network.

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