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    Install Office2003 and now modem problems (1)

    A few weeks ago I installed Office2003, site license version, on my laptop running WindowsXP. This was after uninstalling OfficeXP.
    Now, each morning, when I first boot my laptop the modem doesn't work. I must go into Device Manager, uninstall the modem and then ask Windows to detect new hardware. Windows detects the modem and loads the drivers. For the rest of the day, the modem works
    without problem.
    I've had the HP laptop for 2 years. I've been running WindowsXP and OfficeXP for probably about 1 1/2 years. I did not have a modem problem until installing Office2003 recently.
    Anyone else?

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    Re: Install Office2003 and now modem problems (1)


    I couldn't find anything specific in the KB searching Office 2003 and all the new Office KB's--8 pages of them in a KB release site. I also searched the KB for any Outlook 2003 modem disconnect issues as well. There are scattered complaints on the NG's one fixed by replacing a mobo. I know this seems to be since Office 2003, and if uninstalling Office 2003 makes it go away I guess that's confirmation, but it could be coincidence. At any rate, I'd go to Kelly's A-Z>M>Modem and check out the rich source of modem trouble-shooting sites.

    You may get a nugget of information or helpful error message from Run>eventvwr.msc>Services or Applications if you have an NT kernel OS with Event Viewer. Never hurts to look.


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