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    query question (A2002)

    I have a field in a table that will either be null or have a single value. I would like to update the nulls to the single value. I tried the update query below. Note: the table is the result of a make table query so the name of the table is "qryHours1"

    UPDATE qryHours1 SET qryHours1.ClientOrgID = [qryHours1]![ClientOrgID]>0
    WHERE (((qryHours1.ClientOrgID) Is Null));

    How do I make this work?


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    Re: query question (A2002)

    Do this in two steps:

    1. Create a query based on the table that returns the single value. This must be an updateable query, otherwise the update query won't work. For example:

    SELECT TOP 1 ClientOrgID
    FROM qryHours1
    WHERE ClientOrgID Is Not Null

    Save this query as qrySingleValue.

    2. Create a query based on the table and on qrySingleValue. Make it into an update query, add the ClientOrgID field from the table, set the criteria to Is Null, and the update value to qrySingle.ClientOrgID:

    UPDATE qryHours1, qrySingleValue SET qryHours1.ClientOrgID = [qrySingleValue].[ClientOrgID ]
    WHERE qryHours1.Hop Is Null

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