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    Query Differences (2000)

    My predecessor in this project made a mess that I have to clean up. When new items are added, they are only being added to one table and not all the tables. Yes, I know it is not good table design but until the client decides to re-do the DB I am stuck with it.

    I need help writing a query that looks for items in one table that are not in another. Then I will write an append to put this info in all the places it needs to go.

    <pre>SELECT qryUnique2005.SKU, qryUnique2005.BYear, [Admin Fee].SKU, [Admin Fee].BYear
    FROM qryUnique2005 INNER JOIN [Admin Fee] ON (qryUnique2005.SKU = [Admin Fee].SKU)
    AND (qryUnique2005.BYear = [Admin Fee].BYear);</pre>

    This is not working! I am getting a list of Unique SKUs for 2005. Now I need to know which are not in [Admin Fee].SKU

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    Re: Query Differences (2000)

    The easiest way to do this is to use the Find Unmatched Query Wizard:
    - Activate the Queries "tab" of the database window.
    - Click the New button at the top of the database window.
    - Select Find Unmatched Query Wizard.
    - Follow the instructions.

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