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    Rules Wizard (2001 SR-1)

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    I'm having no luck using the Rules Wizard to forward e-mails to my Yahoo account. Is there some evil lurking behind the scenes that I should know about ? I've got plenty of room in my Yahoo account. I've set the Outlook rule up to check for my name in the To: line, from a valid e-mail address list (distribution list) etc. When I ran the rule (manually) I got the little arrow on all of my e-mails in the Inbox indicating they have been forwarded but, I can't find them in Yahoo. Although I haven't tried this in Hotmail yet, that's next. Any comments are appreciated.

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    Re: Rules Wizard (2001 SR-1)

    A simple test would be to forward an email manually, without using rules. This will determine whether or not it is a rules problem. If it makes it, it's the rules. If not, it's a problem somewhere outside of Outlook.

    Other considerations:
    <UL><LI>Do you have the bulk email filter set up in Yahoo mail?
    <LI>Is your email address whitelisted there so that it never goes straight into the bit bucket?
    <LI>Do the emails you have forwarded appear in the Sent Items folder in Outlook?[/list]

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