Hi, everyone. Two things I need to tell you before I start. One is Happy New Year from Texas. The second is, I'm legally blind without my glasses and don't see all that great with them.

Which leads into the question. I am having trouble with fonts (styles?) in Outlook. I am using Word as my e-mail editor. A controversial choice, as we have seen in past WOW newsletters, but it works better for me. My hospital has just upgraded to Windows XP Pro and Office XP, and I have the font I want for my original messages and replies set up as I want it. However, when I reply, the fonts on the previous post(s) are so tiny I can't read them. If I want to double check what someone said, I have to "blow up" the font to read the previous post(s). I have tried several things in Outlook and in Word to permanently change them, but nothing seems to take hold. How can I fix these fonts/styles the way I want them and make them stay there? Thanks for any help. Again, have a great 2004.