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    WORD gets Table Error; closes (OFC2000 SP1)

    I have aEU reporting that from time to time, she will create a Word document and add a table. When she tries to save it, she gets a Table Error. Table has been corrupted. Change table to text. Then sometimes it saves... other times it closes WORD automatically. Or she will open an existing DOC with a table, then when she moves things around in the Table, she will get a table error. Any clues?


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    Re: WORD gets Table Error; closes (OFC2000 SP1)

    There are many ways to have problems with tables, including large size, years of editing, merging cells, and nesting them into one another. Without examining particular documents, it would be difficult to diagnose. However, I don't think I've ever seen Word just shut down complaining about a table.

    Can you get the user to demonstrate her technique for moving things around? Perhaps that will help isolate the issue.

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