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    Serious Speed Problems

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by Claude on 04-Jan-04 10:35. add addendum)</P>Well, as you can tell, we are having some technical difficulties at present. There are constant timeouts experience by anyone trying to reach this site.

    Although, as I write this, the Internet Traffic Report shows at a global value of 85 and the US shows 91, there is definitely something wrong somewhere.

    We are trying to isolate the problem and rectify it ASAP.

    thanks for your patience and a very prosperous and happy New Year to you all!


    There's a significant packet loss occuring in the New Jersey area, the location of the new wopr server. Check out
    Cheers, Claude.

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    Re: Serious Speed Problems

    Hello all,

    I have isolated the problem. It is a circuit problem with Covad. They assured me that it will be fixed within 48 hours. Sorry about the latency.

    You loyal servant,

    Mike Wolfman
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