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    Re: make the active screen invisible? (Access 2000)

    The echo command doesn't supress the display of modal dialog boxes or pop-up forms, so you are probably seeing those during the import. It also doesn't hide the database window, so you will see activity on it. I don't know where you are getting data from, but I would rewrite your autoexec macro as a VBA routine and use the appropriate TransferXXX method to get whatever data you are bringing in. I would also
    1 - Hide the database window
    2 - Put up a form that was maximized and said you were doing initialization
    3 - Put either a status bar indicator or something on the form to show progress

    Finally, it's a bit unusual to always import data into a database on open - would it make more sense to link to the data?

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    make the active screen invisible? (Access 2000)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by WendellB on 04-Jan-04 07:09. To remove extra line breaks)</P>invisible screen - Is there any way to make the screen invisible during the import of tables?
    In my database i import tables on opening the form with an autoexec macro.
    During the process i do not want the objects as tables, modules to be seen.
    i use the commands
    Application.Echo False
    DoCmd.Echo False
    But somehow they do not help.
    What is the explanation?

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