I defy anybody to be happier than I for the re-instatement of SEARCH (I've been touting its heroic advantages for years), and hence I preface my suggestion with thanks, from this excited little thubbity-thub heart, for the new lounge:

Given the apparent and possible intermittent faults that will surface (I'm a realist), such as megabyte emailings, slow times, need for taking down the system temporarily, and all that,

Could we please have some sort of "lounge status" on an independent page, from WOPR, so that when I, you, he, she, they, log on and sense something is wrong, we don't have to wait for the liunge to come back UP before we learn it wasn't just us, but could quickly check the independent page, not connected to the lounge, for the latest status on the lounge?

I figure that if Claude et al are notified of a problem, they can post a two-minute quicky saying "Lounge access slow, we're working on it", BEFORE rolling up their sleeves, and remove the notice after the job is done. Saves a lot of worry and posted questions to a hard-working team.