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    I am going Amock (OL 2003)

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    Happy New Year to all, and I should say that because I am so upset about Outlook 2003 and Norton Antivirus.

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    It is so slow, I download 1 MB per ~2.5 minutes, with a DSL connection, and I have a 200 MB mailbox, that I feel myself age each day when I need to download my messages.

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    So what am I to do? Should I disable Norton Antivirus's e-mail protection, and then scan the .PST after the download is done?

    If I should do that, what are the ramifications? Will I open the door, or simply the Window, no pun intended?

    Will NAV scan attachments inside a .PST?

    Thanks for any suggestions, I await your feedback before proceeding.

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    Antivirus Scanning for POP3 Mail into Outlook

    I don't use Norton Antivirus, so you know more about what it is doing than I do. Here is a general explanation of how most commercial AV packages work with e-mail:

    1. <LI>Real time scanner. This is general protection based on calls to the Windows file system. Any time you access a file, either to open it or to save it, the real time scanner checks the file. Because Outlook copies file attachments to a temp folder when opening them in a separate application (e.g., Word), the AV software will scan the attachment at this time. Make sure to always have this scanner running!!

      <LI>Message download scan. Operating as a proxy, the AV software intercedes between Outlook and your POP3 mail server. The proxy retrieves the message from your server, decodes it from whatever encoding was applied to it during its transmission over the Internet, and scans both the message body and attachments. It then passes along the clean messages to your mail program.
    The second set of software is useful when there is a major worm going around because it keeps them out of your mailbox; you can't "accidentally" bypass the normal "real time" AV scanner. BUT for regular messages, particularly with large attachments, it is inefficient and largely unnecessary. Malware that inhabits message bodies constitutes either (1) Script, which you can disable by placing Outlook in the Restricted Zone and setting the zone security settings accordingly, or (2) exploits related to flaws in Internet Explorer, which you can mostly block by keeping IE patched up to date (mostly because sometimes the exploit will get out before you are able to install the patch).

    Based on the above, you could stop using the proxy scan and still have a very reasonable, if slightly less rigorous, level of security against malware. If the proxy also checks for spam, web bugs, etc., then you might choose to continue to suffer instead. Your call.

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    Re: I am going Amock (OL 2003)

    Have you checked whether this is caused by the same thing as Word and Norton problems? see Post 328997.

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    Re: I am going Amock (OL 2003)


    Disable Norton from automatically launching when Windows starts. Then open Outlook and see if you have the same problem. I suspect that Norton is not the cause of this problem. I have Norton scanning my incoming e-mails and it certainly does not exhibit any slowness whatsoever. A small icon pops up in the system tray (envelope with a magnifying glass) which indicates that Norton is scanning, but on my system, this icon flashes very quickly for each message being scanned, even when a message contains a large attachment.

    What version of Norton are you running? I have used 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2004 and none of them have slowed the downloading of messages.
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