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    Win 98 network prob

    I have my 3 computers on a network using tcpip and I share internet by running internet connection sharing but I have noticed that I can't use outlook express on the client computers but can use it fine on the host computer. All the computers have the same work group but only one computer can see the other 2 on network neighborhood can any one help me

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    Re: Win 98 network prob

    Although I've not experienced this particular issue and don't use Outlook Express, I can make an educated guess as to the source of the problem.

    I assume browsing works just peachy.

    Outlook and OE both have to resolve the server name somehow when retrieving email. You could try using the internal loopback address for the email server name, such as:[host_pc_name]

    Or specify the host PC's name in the proxy settings, since that's really what it is.

    Is it just Outlook Express that won't work, or are there other Internet-dependent apps that fail?

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    Re: Win 98 network prob

    can you tell me the steps for this because I'm not really that good with outlook express. Also if for most internet applications such as icq and messenger I can not receive files but I can send them to other computers besides that they all work fine

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