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    Can I be my own SMTP server? (Outlook XP)

    Can I buy a program that makes me my own SMTP server? My copy of Outlook currently points to, British Telecom's SMTP server. This is the only thing I use them for and I can buy a 'wires only' broadband connection for less if I can send my own e-mail.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Can I be my own SMTP server? (Outlook XP)

    Most mass mailing worms come with their own SMTP servers, so... why not get one for legitimate use?

    If you have Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional, you can experiment with the SMTP server component of IIS. Otherwise, you'll probably need to hunt around on the web for a suitable product. After installing, you'll need to test to make sure your access provider doesn't block this sort of traffic before terminating your other account.

    If you expect to allow others to deliver mail to your SMTP server, then you'll want a beefier set-up. But to send out only, the above might do the trick.

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