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    Monitoring the progress of a 'save to floppy' (2000)

    I'm using the "salva" subroutine in the mBackupDB module in the attached mdb to make a zipped copy of the mdb both on hard disk and on floppy.
    Right before the end of the subroutine, what can I use in VBA code that tells me the floppy drive isn't yet done and shows a message box displaying a message such as "Don't eject the floppy!" until the floppy drive finishes saving the file?
    <font color=magenta>Sub salva(NomeBack As String, FileBack As String)

    Dim fso, file1, fso1
    Dim FileZipD As String, FileExe As String, DoveBack As String, FileZipA As String

    FileZipD = Mid(NomeBack, 1, Len(NomeBack) - 3) & "zip"
    FileZipA = "A:" & FileBack

    Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    If fso.FileExists(NomeBack) Then
    fso.DeleteFile (NomeBack)
    End If
    Set file1 = fso.GetFile(CurrentDb.Name)
    file1.Copy (NomeBack)
    Set file1 = Nothing
    Set fso = Nothing

    DoveBack = MsgBox("Se hai inserito un floppy per il salvataggio premi S
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