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    Things to know before upgrading to Access 2003 (2000 SP3)

    Does anyone have some good resources for information about what my organization (and myself) should know when upgrading to Access 2003 from Access 2000? I haven't been able to find a migration guide on Microsoft's website, like there was between Office 97 and Office 2000.

    I know about the increase macro security and how you can get prompted everytime you open a database if the security is set to medium or high but I need to know more than that. What trouble will I run into if I don't convert my MDB's to 2003 format, etc?


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    Re: Things to know before upgrading to Access 2003 (2000 SP3)

    Hi Sarah,
    Quite frankly, there aren't lots of compelling reasons to upgrade to Access 2003. Probably the strongest reason would be that corporate (who ever they happen to be for you) has decided to upgrade to Office 2003 to get the latest version of Outlook, which most people think is great stuff. Or it could be that something like InfoPath or SharePoint would drive you there. But there's nothing very exciting in Access itself. Microsoft has published a book called "First Look Microsoft Office 2003" by Katherine Murray that talks about the improvements. Boiling them down, there are significant enhancements to XML handling, Smart Tag handling of errors, a built-in backup facility, a facility for determining object dependencies (which is kind of cool if you don't have FMS Total Analyzer or SpeedFerrett), and a simplified way of copying Linked Tables. You might want to follow some of the threads in the General Office Forum on this subject, but at this point we are proceeding cautiously, as we usually do. To be fair, 2003 is more of a maintenance release than adding any totally new technology, so I wouldn't expect to see lots of things broken, and early tinkering seems to indicate that is the case. Besides, almost noone uses a significant number of macros in Access databases, and the vast majority have at least some VBA in them, so security at the macro level isn't much to crow about as far as Access goes.

    You might want to follow the Access 2003 newsgroups for a while to get a feel as to what others are experiencing - we found several minor glitches with XP, and most had been documented in the newsgroups before we found them. As far as database format, I would certainly leave it in 2000 until everyone is upgraded to 2003 - that will make you life much simpler. Also you might want to do development in 2000 until that is the case, as you might inadvertently introduce functionallity that wouldn't work for someone still running 2000.

    Finally, please share any experiences you have, good or bad, here so others can benefit from them. And if you have specific problems that arise, we'll do our best to help you sort them out.

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