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    Pasting a Chart into Word (Office 2000 SP3)

    After installing Office 2000 SP3, the results of pasting an Excel Chart into a Word document no longer looks like it did prior to SP3. The chart is now distorted (vertical height is reduced by 1/3, font size becomes larger, an embedded text box now covers bars in the chart, etc.). We used Edit Paste Special the Paste option and the Picture option when pasting. Did anyone run into the same problem after installing SP3 and do you have a solution/suggestion?

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    Re: Pasting a Chart into Word (Office 2000 SP3)

    Please post replies in this duplicate thread on the Word board.

    To 4larryj4 and other users: to avoid fractured and duplicate efforts, and to build a coherent thread for future reference, we strongly discourage cross-posting. Please see <!rule=14>Rule 14<!/rule>.

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