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    Adware on WIN XP Home (WIN XP Home)

    We are real novices in system admin. Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) finds Adware.Winshow and recommends delete, but we don't seem to be able to rid ourselves of this beast. So frustrating. We've read the NAV directions to rid us of this THING (Some evil pervert does this stuff) including going to the registry to find offending files. That seems so confusing and I never did find any of the files there. When we find files in folders like Documents and Settings, sometimes we're not allowed to delete them (the offending files).

    This thing just take IE over with Homepage and search settings. urrgghhh

    Anybody able to give us some hints, or links to places to helps us?

    Is there anyway to get around the "You Cannot Delete This File" conundrum?

    Thansk so very much,

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    Re: Adware on WIN XP Home (WIN XP Home)

    Try getting rid of Adware.Winsow by running Adaware and Spybot first and then Hijack This. These might do it. You may get it by running Hijack this first. You can get download links and context from this Anti Adware, Spyware, Hijack Starpost Thread. Note that threads have said you may have to resort to the steps Symantec suggest, after running all three, (some people have complained they don't eliminate it, but since those threads these apps may have updated their data bases to take care of it. Make sure to click on the globe top right toolbar in Adaware to update and update Spybot.

    I saw one thread (below) that suggested System Restore could take care of it more easily, so if you have a restore point prior or points to try prior to the appearance of this you may give it a shot. I wouldn't recommend SR of course for a virus, worm, blended threat, but this is not.

    There is a variant that seems to be a virus however (below). You may have to use the registry, but you don't have to modify string values, you simply have to find the keys and delete. If you do, export the keys to back them up first and set a restore point before doing the deletions.

    Adaware Winshow Thread
    Can't Get Rid of Adware.Winshow Variant
    Manual Removal Using Registry Subkey Deletions



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