What am I doing wrong? I just upgraded to Windows 2000 from Windows 98. Since my Windows 98 system was suffering from "operating system decay," (and to do as clean an install as I could) I reformatted my C drive and re-installed Windows 98 and then did the upgrade to Windows 2000. I figured this would be the safest upgrade.

When I tried to install my upgrade copy of Office 97 on my Windows 98 system, it prompted me for the location of the qualifying product for the upgrade. I simply inserted the floppy disk for MS Works and clicked locate and the system was happy with that an installed Office 97.

I can't seem to do that with Windows 2000.

During the installation , when I try to manually lcoate my A drive, it doesn't come up in the list. Neither does my C, D, E, F, G and H drives on my hard disk. I do have "access" to network drives from J thru Z although I have never created them.

I have logged off and then logged in as Administrator and attempted the install and I still can't access these drives.

Before I reformatted my C drive and re-installed Windows 98, I did a check from the Microsoft web site to see if I would have any software conflicts and Office 97 never came up as a listed problem.

What should I do? I'm running out of options. Has anyone else encountered this problem.