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    Office 2000 SR-1 For Word As Part of Works

    Hello all -- As part of the resolution of another issue Phil Rabichow suggested I apply the SR-1a update to my wife's installation of Office 2000 Academic. I ordered the SR-1a CD and it arrived within a week. I applied the update to my wife's desktop and laptop copies of Office 2000. All is well.

    I'm visiting my mother-in-law soon so I might as well update her Word 2000 with SR-1. Her copy of Word is part of Microsoft Works. When the Windows Installer asks for the Microsoft Office CD, do I just give it her MS-Works CD?

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    Re: Office 2000 SR-1 For Word As Part of Works

    This is a guess since I've had no experience with MS Works. However, I would certainly think that you'd apply her CD. You cerainly don't want to put in an Office 2000 CD for MS Works.

    Hope this helps.

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