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    Windows Media Player

    I downloaded WMP 7 but I can't run the radio tuner becuase it says I need to run the Internet Connection Wizard. When I go to do that, it tells me I don't have access and that I should speak to my network administrator. The problem is I am at home and not on a network. Also, I am on the Internet through my ISP. What's next?

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    Re: Windows Media Player

    Have you been through the ICW process before, perhaps to set up Internet Explorer?

    At the beginning of that process, you should be able to tell the wizard that your computer is already set up for the Internet and to (basically) quit bugging you.

    If you can provide more detailed steps as to the process you are using, it would enable a more detailed answer to your issue.

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    Re: Windows Media Player

    Thanks so much.
    I bought this computer 3 years ago so I'm not sure what I did. However, I've never been a fan of Internet Explorer so it is possible that I told it to stop bugging me.
    Here's how I arrive at the error message.
    Start-Programs-Accessories-Communications-ICW. Then I get the error message "You are restricted from running the ICW. Contact your Network Administrator for more information.

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