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    Show other Calender (2003 NL)

    Good afternoon,

    I have a strange problem.
    I've migrated my Outlook to version 2003.
    The calendars which I already added in the previous version are shown with the name of the user.

    Now... when I add another calendar (from a person with 2002 just like the other users) I do not see the name of this user appear above the calendar. Neither do I see the name appear in the Other Calendars toolbar on the left of my screen.

    Does anybody knows why this happens?

    Many thanks in advance!
    Daphne <img src=/S/compute.gif border=0 alt=compute width=40 height=20>

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    Re: Show other Calender (2003 NL)

    Don't have an answer but just so you know it's not just your problem. I have this as well and would be grateful if anyone knows the reason.

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