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    For loops (excel sr1)

    I have a 1column list of data that contains duplicates. What I would like to do is use a loop that when ever there is a change in the list (ie current cell <> R-1,0) I would like to highlight that cell a certain color.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: For loops (excel sr1)

    This can be achieved with conditional formatting.

    In the format menu, there is an item conditional formatting.

    basically select the 2nd cell in your list.
    Go to the conditional formatting option and enter the following.

    Using the drop list on the left of the dialog select Cell value.
    The next option is 'not equal to'
    The cell reference is the cell above the one you originally selected. If you select this with the mouse. excel will automatically insert '$' in the cell reference. Manually remove the '$' to make the reference relative.
    Select the format you want to see for when the cell values are different using the Format button.
    Press OK.

    Copy the cell.
    Select the rest of the list and and paste values. (Or use the format painter button)
    That should highlight the list items you want.

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