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    Mail on 2 Computers (OE 6 - XP Home)

    Is there a way with 2 networked computers to be able to see mail on either computer if it was opened on the other? We are currently using OE6 with XP Home, but if another program or Outlook is the way to go we could consider that.

    Is opening OE on computer #1 across the network from computer #2 a possibility?. If that is done would not all the email reside on #1 even if viewed from #2?
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    Re: Mail on 2 Computers (OE 6 - XP Home)

    Your XPHome identification for OE is a long alphanumeric string generated by the computeryou long on to. Thus, it is virtually impossible for two strings on two different machines to coincide. What you are describing is possible using Outlook - and a small amount of gymnastics - but that is a different product which does not come built in to the Windows OS. HTH

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