When I try to boot up my P.C. running windows 98 I get message in the startup DOS section indicating it can't find the boot record. Then it continues to boot, except the tray (and start button) just flashes on for less than a second and goes away. The system then continues to boot, installing the wallpaper, etc. There are no icons on the desktop or access to the tray. There for you are stuck except for doing a control, alt, delete. Then the only application that are running are "aupdate and Lucom server. I also ran Norton utiliites from a CD and in DOS ran disk doctor and got no errors (except a couple of bad dates, which Norton fixed). I can also start in Safe Mode, but with all the same limitations. A friend suggest I select boot log as a start up choice, and I did, but don't have a clue on how to view it.