I'm not sure if this is the right forum: I purchased a THAWTE Developer Cert to sign Office applications, but there doesn't appear to be much support either from THAWTE or Microsoft.

Anyway, I got to the point of installing the certificate using 'pvkimprt' (right-clicking the certificate and selecting 'Import' was too intuitive: even though this installed the cert, it did not prompt me for my password, and signing a project didn't "stick", after saving, the project did not remain signed).

When importing with 'pvkimprt' (which did prompt me for my password), one can either install to the default store ('automatic', same problem as described above), or chose from a variety of 'stores'. I could find no documentation of which store to use, and opted for 'Enterprise Trust/Registry'. I selected 'Enterprise Trust', because we intend to use the certificate in our corporate IT group, and 'Registry', because I read that, for certs to work with Office 2000, they have to be installed in the registry. THAWTE's documentation also indicated that successful installation (not described other than "use pvkimprt") should result in an entry in my registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftSystemCertificat esMyCertificates, which remains empty no matter what.

Now when I sign a project, the sig "sticks" after saving, and with Security set to 'High', the user is informed that the project is digitally signed, and they can 'Always Trust', verify the cert etc. Only problem is: when signing the project, or after making changes to already signed code, I am not prompted for my password.

Sorry about this verbose post, but if someone could direct me to the appropriate self-help (or even has the answer [img]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img], I would be much obliged.

TIA - Klaus