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    USys_SwapTable (Access 97)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by browningj on 14-Jan-04 06:48. I should have included the field from the query to explain a bit more. The query contains a calculated field containing the following:
    NameCard: IIf([Field1]=True,[Name Card 1],[Name Card 2])
    Field1 comes from USys_SwapTable, and Name Card 1 and Name Card 2 come from another table
    )</P>Hello Access Gurus,

    I have just come across a database that uses a USys_SwapTable. Can anyone explain what this table does? I can see that it contains a Yes/No field but when it is used in context with a query that displays results from 2 tables it appears to generate two occurrences of the same record depending on whether the value is Yes or No. I am wondering also where it gets its values from.

    I look forward to your response here.



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    Re: USys_SwapTable (Access 97)

    Any table named USys anything is a user-defined system table. That means it behaves like a system table but it is not one of the built-in tables. That means that no one can explain anything about it or what it does because those characteristics are contained in your database.

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    Re: USys_SwapTable (Access 97)

    It presumably is something a developer created that they didn't want to be readily visible to users - it's a trick we use sometimes. If you name a table uSysXXXXX, it isn't visible in the database window unless you turn on the options flag that lets you view system tables. In this case you might want to do that to see if there is any description of the table in it's properties, and look at it from a design view to see if any info has been included on fields and how they are used.

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