I have noted other threads that have talked about the Home Page being reset, but my problem is a little more odd. I have my Home Page set up as a local file: File:"d:/WebPage/HomePage.htm". This worked perfectly well until recently when our Exchange server messed up all the profiles.

I've reset my Home Page as it was before and it works as expected when opening IE - I get my page of personal links. However if whilst already in IE I press the Home button to get back to my links page I get redirected to www.msn.co.uk/default.asp?Ath=f. Under Internet Options my home page is still correctly shown, and if I exit IE and go back in I get my Home Page OK.

I've looked at the Registry keys mentioned in other threads and can see no reference to msn.co.uk, indeed this string does not show in a Registry search. Can anyone help tell me where else to look?