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    Control not licensed

    I have a Outlook form that is giving me problems on 1 PC but works fine on three others. The error I am getting is "One or more controls are not properly licensed. Line No. 67"

    In the script line 67 has this:
    Set Dbe = Application.CreateObject("DAO.DBEngine.35")

    This same form can be submited by everyone and opened by everyone on any other computer. We also manualy opened MS Access 97 on this computer and it comes up.

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    Re: Control not licensed

    I've lost the reference, but there was a problem with the DAO license documented in the Knowledge Base ("unable to create object"). I think it occurs when Excel is uninstalled and reinstalled, and the data access license keys are not added back to the registry. I hope this is enough info to find it - the article contains the key to add to the registry to fix this.

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