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    Excel 2003 and .123 files (2003)

    I'm coming to the source which I know will have the answer. I've been getting a lot of runaround from Microsoft and no answers from them since I have an OEM version of Office 2003. I've discovered that Excel 2003 will not open lotus files with the .123 extension. Previous versions of excel always seemed to open lotus files without a problem. Now it appears that excel only supports older lotus files with the .wk* extension. Can anybody confirm this is the case and if there is a workaround or a way I can get excel 2003 to open .123 files? Thanks.

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    Re: Excel 2003 and .123 files (2003)

    Excel can not open files with the .123 extension.
    If you have access to Lotus then save the files in .wk4 format. Failing that you may need to buy a third party tool to convert the files (you can find these tools using google)

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