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    Documents switching to ReadOnly (2002)

    I've got an app which sets up documents containing subdocuments. When the document is all set up, it is not a ReadOnly document, but periodically, when clients attempt to save the document, they get an error saying that one of the subdocuments is ReadOnly and the document can't be saved. Does anybody have any thoughts on what might cause this? Is it possible that, the autorecovery mechanism periodically locks the file for a moment, and turns it temporarily to ReadOnly?


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    Re: Documents switching to ReadOnly (2002)

    Hi Dan:
    This will happen frequently after a crash, if you don't clear out the temp files. When Word starts, it creates an owner file named ~$filename.doc. It prevents anyone else from modifying that document while it's open (only one person can do so at a time). When Word crashes, the file is often not deleted. When you try to open it the next time, it's opened as Read-Only. While this may not be the problem, it's one cause. See the first step in <post#=197827>post 197827</post#>.
    Hope this helps,

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