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Thread: Excel (2002)

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    Excel (2002)

    Hi - hope someone can help me before tomorrow! I need to create a chart in excel that has two chart types with two axes. I need three data series as a vertical bar and 1 data series as a line with a secondary axis. When I try to use the custom types, there is one similar to what I want, but it changes the third bar series into the line and subsequently uses that series for the secondary axis. This must be easy to do, but I can't figure out how to design my own from scratch and can't alter the custom one to do what I want. Please can someone help?

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    Re: Excel (2002)

    Create the chart using the custom type in the Wizard. Make sure that rows or columns are used as series as needed. When the chart has been created with the wrong type for the third series, select the third series, then Chart | Chart Type... and select Column Chart instead of Line Chart. Then, double click the third series, activate the Axis tab and specify that it should use the primary axis.

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