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    Access XP MDE (Access 2000/XP)

    I have a client who is using an Access 2000 MDE on his server. The product has been working fine. Now the client has gone to Windows XP and I can no longer make MDE files on his machine. The client system is using the Jet engine and Office 2000. When I try to make an MDE now, I get a message saying "Unable to Compile". Question 1 - Why am I getting this message and is there anything I can do about it? I can compile on my machine under Windows 98 using Office 2000 as I could when the client was using Windows 2000. He is still using Office 2000. Question 2 - If I need to compile under Office XP, can I get away with just having Office XP on the server (where the network files are) and leave the work stations, which are Windows XP, with Office 2000?
    Thanks, Sarge

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    Re: Access XP MDE (Access 2000/XP)

    Q1: Open the MDB file. In the Visual Basic Editor, select Debug | Compile <project>. Do you get errors? If so, you will have to resolve these before you can create an MDE.

    Q2: You can only create MDE files in the same format as your Access version: Access 2000 can only create format Access 2000 MDE's, and Access 2002 can only create Access 2002 format MDE's. The latter won't be readable in Access 2000.

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