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    Datasheet view Qs (97)

    Morning all, hope peeps is well

    What i am wondering is if there is anyway to do the following with a form in datasheet view...

    1. Double click on the record selector on the side of the form to fire an event, ie using the double click rather than selecting the record and then using a command button to open another form with that record in it.

    2. Stop users being allowed to resize the widths of the form?

    btw, if Charlotte reads this - thanks for a previous thread that you wrote on Public variables in other forms. I now know they have to be referenced from other forms! Cheers [img]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

    ok, thanks


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    Re: Datasheet view Qs (97)

    1. When the user double clicks a record selector, the On Dbl Click event of the Form is fired.

    2. If you mean the form as a whole, set the border style of the form to something else than Sizable. If you mean the column widths, don't use datasheet view. You can create a continuous form that looks like a datasheet view.

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