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    Excel Chart View (E xcel 2K 9.03821 sr-1)

    I inadvertently opened a chart view for an existing excel worksheet and am unable to restore or to change back to the normal workbook sheet view. How do you restore or close the chart view or sheet??

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    Re: Excel Chart View (E xcel 2K 9.03821 sr-1)

    Must be a terminology issue here. There is no chart view. Just guessing, do you mean that originally your chart was on a worksheet and now it is on a sheet by itself (with a tab at the bottom)? This is called a chart sheet, the former an embedded chart. To return the chart to the worksheet, right-click on it, then select Location. Check the As-Object-In option button, select the correct worksheet from the drop-down, and press OK. You will then probably have to drag the chart to the location where you really want it. HTH

    In case I misread your question, can you repost with more details? Thanks! --Sam
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