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    Text drifts off page when printing (97 SR1 & SR2)


    I have heard from our site support of this problem (Office 97 SR1 & SR2, Win NT & XP). When printing on various HP printers, a document text may start to drift off (to the lower right I think) during printing. The problem ceases when Word is restarted; the problem does come back erratically. Site support says it can't be reproduced.

    The printer drivers (PCL 5 have been upgraded to PCL6) but no solution. Other support (software & hardware) people have reported seeing this problem on other pcs. For some users this has been happening up to a year and some of them print heavily.

    Has anyone seen this problem as well? Any solutions? Does it occur on any other version of Office (we could upgrade to Office XP). I haven't found anything on Microsoft's KB. References to some documentation really appreciated.


    Jimmy Lee

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    Re: Text drifts off page when printing (97 SR1 & SR2)

    I haven't seen this but I would firstly check if this is during a print run only or during a Word session. You mention restarting Word clears it but I would be surprised if just restarting the print didn't also clear it.

    Have the rollers in the printer been checked? Those little critters wear out and can pick up the paper later than they should.

    Do you get the same problem using the manual feed tray rather than the normal tray?
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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