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    Set footer with no printer (2000/2002)

    Using a macro, I am trying to set a footer on a worksheet - which works fine unless there is no printer installed on a laptop running Excel.

    The text is the current date plus information entered by the user on opening the worksheet - thus can not be pre-determined - and the footer is the ideal place for it, alongside the "Page # of ##" already there.

    In real life, the user opens the workbook, enters their name and location, downloads data via an RS232 link, then saves the worksheet - presumably for printing out later after transferring it to another computer. (Obviously it never occurred to me - testing on my office pc - that they would be using brand-new laptops with nothing but MS Office installed.) The macros are stored in a workbook which spawns off the worksheet containing the data - it is impractical and undesirable to include further macros in this separate sheet which could (for example) update the footer at a later time.

    Is there a way round this, or would it be just simpler to add the input info to some rows repeated at the top of the worksheet?


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    Re: Set footer with no printer (2000/2002)

    The best solution would be to install a printer, even if it is not physically available. MS Office is pretty lame without a printer installed.

    If that isn't feasible, the workaround you mention is probably best.

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