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    Section Break (Odd Page) in Word 97

    We have found in Word 97 a problem when we insert a landscape page in a portrait document.

    Specifically, we create the landscape page by inserting two Section Break (Next Page). We then change that page between the two section breaks to landscape and insert whatever we want.

    The next time we enter Page Setup, make changes, and click OK, the Next Page section break changes to Odd Page, whether it should be an odd page or not.

    We have found this very annoying. We do not select Odd Page, we never want Odd Page.

    In fact, if after creating the landscaped page, you enter Page Setup, looking at Layout->Section Start, you will see that Word has automatically changed it to Odd Page. Again, we do not originally select Odd Page. It apppears that Word just changes it for its own reasons.

    Is this supposed to be default behaviour? Is this a "bug"? How do others handle this problem?

    I have been thinking of intercepting the Page Setup command (via VBA) and manually forcing Section Start to default to New Page. Have others of you tried this?

    By the way, this is very easy to reproduce.


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    Re: Section Break (Odd Page) in Word 97


    I remember this problem from Word 97 - it doesn't occur in Word 2000.

    What makes it likely to be a bug is: change your view to Normal view - the section breaks will still be labeled as "Next Page" even though they say they are "Odd Page" in the Page Setup dialog.

    If they were really Odd Page section breaks, the page number for the landscape section would be forcing to start as an odd number - as long as you're still getting the correct page numbering in the landscape section, then it is an annoyance but at least it's not a disaster!<g>


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    Re: Section Break (Odd Page) in Word 97

    It is more than an annoyance. If the page before is an odd page, and the landscape page (after the section break) is forced as an odd page (which is what happens in the above posted description), then you have a blank page!

    So, it is not a cosmetic problem. It is a very real problem.

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    Re: Section Break (Odd Page) in Word 97

    Hi Larry,

    This is one of the bugs that was corrected in the Post Service Release of Word: >http:// <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> </A>

    Note that you must have SR1 and SR2 installed to use this patch.

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    Re: Section Break (Odd Page) in Word 97

    Its "Lawrence" [img]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks, that is what I was looking for. I did a search in the knowledge base for "section break odd page" but nothing came up. How weird.

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    Re: Section Break (Odd Page) in Word 97

    <<Its "Lawrence" [img]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]>>

    Whoops - Sorry Lawrence!

    Considering I have a son named Joseph - NOT Joe I should've known better!! <g>

    <<I did a search in the knowledge base for "section break odd page" but nothing came up>>

    That's strange, I just tried your search string and Q176470 "WD97: Next Page Section Break Changes to Odd" was the first match.

    You might want to take a look at the search options you are using. For example if I change Keyword search to "Exact Phrase" then the article is not listed in the search results. Try the search using "All Words".

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