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    make table: invalid argument (2000/ sr1)

    are there limits in any database to how many tables exist? I'm getting invalid argument errors when making a table. I dragged the query into another database and succeeded using the same make table query. So I think there's a limit to the # of tables, or allowable space within a db? <img src=/S/clown.gif border=0 alt=clown width=15 height=15>


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    Re: make table: invalid argument (2000/ sr1)

    There is a limit of 32768 objects in a database - tables are one class of objects. The maximum size of an Access 2000 database is 2GB, and there is a miximum of approximately 2000 open tables in an Access database. To find these, open help and search for specifications. I suspect your problem lies somewhere else - you may have a missing reference, or you may have a corrupt database. More info on the exact error you are getting would help narrow things down.

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