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    French Liaison symbol in word (Word 2002)

    Writing in French problem. For liaison in French, connecting a consonant to the following vowel. Conventionally the liaison symbol is used for phonetics. Is this symbol available anywhere? Also, I need to be able to enter a letter Example: e and have a diagonal line go through it. Is this possible or a symbol already created for the 24 letters in the alphabet?

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    Re: French Liaison symbol in word (Word 2002)

    I hardly remember anything about French, so the fact that the only liaisons I remember were Les Liaisons Dangereuse really should come as no surprise. If no one comes up with anything, could you post a picture or link on this?

    Regarding putting a slash through a letter (e.g., / or ) you can do this with the EQ field. This recent thread shows the syntax. I'm not sure if there is a shortcut (as there is with accented characters) for these, but conceivably you could write a macro to do it. Such as:

    <pre>Sub SlashCharacter()
    ' Slash last character in the Selection or, if the Selection is an
    ' insertion point, slash the previous character
    Const strOverstrikeChar As String = "/"
    Dim strUserChar As String, fld As Field
    If Selection.Type = wdSelectionNormal Then
    Selection.Collapse wdCollapseEnd
    ElseIf Selection.Type <> wdSelectionIP Then
    MsgBox "What kind of selection is this??"
    Exit Sub
    End If
    Selection.MoveLeft wdCharacter, 1, wdExtend
    strUserChar = Selection.Text
    Set fld = Selection.Fields.Add(Selection.Range, , , False)
    fld.Code.Text = "EQ o (" & strUserChar & ",/)"
    Set fld = Nothing
    End Sub</pre>

    If you assign that to a keystroke, it should speed things up.

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    Re: French Liaison symbol in word (Word 2002)

    If you're talking about (IPA) phonetics, the liaison symbol (combining double inverted breve) is U+0361.
    The (spacing) character tie is U+2040, and the undertie (used between words) is U+203F.

    You won't find many fonts that have these characters.
    "Arial Unicode MS" contains all characters from Unicode version 2, and is supplied with Word 2000 and above.

    For phonetics, the Unicode phonetics font from ("SILDoulosUnicodeIPA") is much nicer.
    It's still in beta, but works very well (and it seems you get it for free).

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