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    need the equivalnet of Excel's SaveCopyAs in Word (Word 2000)

    I am writing an add-on for Word. I need a file that is a copy of the active document including all changes but do not want to do a save or save as since those methods will alter the original file or change the target location. PowerPoint and Excel both have a method called SaveCopyAs which performs the exact thing I need but I cannot find a similar method for Word. The Word SaveCopyAs method is for HTML. I tried to be tricky and use the Compare function. I compared the active document with its current file on disk and saved the comparison results to a new document. I accepted the revisions and saved the document to a file. the result was a document with all the changes and summary properties, etc. without affecting the original document or it's memory image. However, this trick fails if the document is new and never been saved. I would appreciate and ideas or pointers on how to achieve this feat. Thanks

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    Re: need the equivalnet of Excel's SaveCopyAs in Word (Word 2000)

    Why not simply copy the document you are working on to a new document, do a File/SaveAs on that document, close the new document, and revert to the original document, which should not have been touched.

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