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Thread: Exchange 2000

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    Exchange 2000

    Some of our client computers are coming up with the following error when Outlook loads:
    Server-Requested Client Action MoveCopy, Unable to create dest msg.
    How do I correct this?

    I've searched the Microsoft website and the only article I could find was for Exchange 5.5...we are using Exchange 2000

    Where are rules administered on the server?



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    Re: Exchange 2000

    We are using Exchange 5.5, and from what I understand, if you found an article that fits your problem, you should be able to use it for Exchange 2000.

    I could be wrong there. As far as rules go, the only rules I have dealt with are those created by Outlook 2000, which can be 'run from' the server. For instance, I have a few rules that move particular emails from my inbox to another folder, when they arrive. It doesn't matter if I have Outlook running or not, once the rules are made in Outlook, it pushes them to the server (if applicable...not all rules can be pushed to the server.). However, to modify a rule, you just open Outlook, on the account that has the rule setup, and use the Rules wizard. When you use the rules wizard, if the current Outlook rules do not match the Client rules, it will ask if you want to keep the server or client rules. (This is handy when you reinstall a client machine, the rules can then be copied back from the server.

    Hope something in that babble helps! <img src=/S/evilgrin.gif border=0 alt=evilgrin width=15 height=15>

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